How GFRC panels are installed

How GFRC panels are installed

GFRC cladding panels are erected on site by teams trained in safe handling and installation. The lighter weight of the panels makes installation simpler and faster. Often, GFRC panel installation can take place without the need for an external scaffolding. With proper planning, the GFRC panels can be started while the foundations are underway and then delivered on a just-in-time basis, allowing large areas of the structure to be quickly enclosed. This can allow interior trades an early start.

When are GFRC panels installed?
For metal framed wall cladding systems, the buildings structural frame is erected and then the GFRC cladding. On walls where there is a wall structure behind thepanels, the walls are framed, sheathed and a waterbarrier is installed before the GFRC wall panels are erected.

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