Advantages of GFRC for Green Building

Advantages of GFRC for Green Building

  • GFRC has low toxicity raw materials: Cement, sand, glass fibers and water
  • Durable, long lasting materials reduce replacement, maintenance and repair
  • GFRC can be supplied prefinished to eliminate VOC’s during painting
  • GFRC is non-combustible and meets ASTM E136
  • Can meet hurricane resistance of Miami Dade Large Missile Impact and Small Missile Impact
  • Lightweight GFRC panels use 80% less material than precast
  • Lightweight GFRC panels reduces fuel and costs of transportation

Using GFRC will help you build green, sustainable projects.

For projects seeking USGBC LEED Certification GFRC may contribute up to 27 points toward LEED certification.

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