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What is GFRC ?

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), also called GRC or FRC, is a cementitious, composite material, cast in thin shell shapes for use in construction consisting of Portland cement, aggregate, water, alkali-resistant glass fibers, polymer and additives.

GFRC can be used wherever a light, strong, weather resistant, attractive and fire retardant material is required. GFRC can be used as wall panels, window surrounds, spandrels, column covers, soffits, cornices, brackets, quoins, railings, pilasters, copings, domes, etc. Landscape and hardscape uses include site furnishings, planters, bollards, urns, tables, fountains, marine structures, pools, and rock formations. GFRC is used in historical restorations and renovations, for the replication of building ornaments of terra-cotta, carved stone and even wood.

GFRC allows the designer the freedom to design with less restrictions and weight than most other materials. Installation is easier, and there is less of a load imposed on the structure.

Glass fibers used in our GFRC have the following properties:

  • A high tensile strength (1700 N/mm2), 3-4 times higher tensile strength than steel
  • High modulus (in other words not stretchy, 10 times that of polypropylene. Low modulus fibers on the other hand, stretch and allow concrete to crack).
  • Will never rust and so does not require a minimum cover
  • Inorganic with no health risk
  • Noncombustible, so it will not burn

Basically, GFRC is an ultra-strong composite made of Portland cement infused with randomly dispersed glass fibers that reinforce the concrete and increase its load-bearing capacity.

Because GFRC has both good tensile and compressive strength as well as being lightweight with good fire properties and low maintenance, it has been used throughout the World in a wide range of applications.

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