GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) Sandwich Panels

GFRC Sandwich Panels

A GFRC (glass fibe reinforced concrete) sandwich panel is a composite of three or more materials bonded together to form a structural panel. It takes advantage of the shear strength of a low density core material and the high compressive and tensile strengths of the GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) facing to obtain high strength to weight ratios.
The theory of GFRC sandwich panels and functions of the individual components may be described by making an analogy to an I-beam. Core in a GFRC sandwich panel is comparable to the web of an I-beam, which supports the flanges and allows them to act as a unit. The web of the I-beam and the core of the
GFRC sandwich panels carry the beam shear stresses. The core in a GFRC sandwich panel differs from the web of an I-beam in that it maintains a continuous support for the facings, allowing the facings to be worked up to or above their yield strength without crimping or buckling. Obviously, the bonds between the core and facings must be capable of transmitting shear loads between these two components thus making the entire structure an integral unit. The load carrying capacity of a GFRC sandwich panel can be increased dramatically by introducing steel stud framing. The light steel stud framing will be similar to conventional steel stud framing for walls, except, that the frame is encased in a concrete product. Here all the sides of the steel frame are covered with two or several layers of GFRC, depending on the type and magnitude of external loads. The strong and rigid GFRC provides full lateral support on both sides of the studs, preventing studs from twisting and buckling laterally. The resulting GFRC panel is light weight in comparison with traditionally reinforced concrete, yet it is strong and durable and can easily be handled.
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