GFRC for re-cladding Applications

Why use GFRC for re-cladding Applications?

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) panels have a unique combination of properties that make them an ideal solution for facade re-clads and/or over-clads, as well as historical restorations and renovations.

GFRC panels have the color, texture and shape versatility to faithfully reproduce almost any existing nonglazed
exterior facade;
GFRC Panels are up to 80% lighter than precast concrete panels, and can often be installed  directly over existing facades without imposing excessive superimposed loads on the building structure;
GFRC Panels have the low maintenance, longevity, and durability of precast concrete;
GFRC Panels can be installed from the outside of the building with minimal interference to existing building
GFRC Panels can be factory pre-insulated to almost any desired R factor for high energy efficiency;
• $/square foot cost of GFRC is considerably lower than either curtain wall, or replacement in kind of most stone and terra cotta facades.

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