Four main BENEFITS of a CSIP structure with GFRC

The Four main BENEFITS of a CSIP structure with GFRC  are:

CSIP using GFRC IS ECONOMICAL (typically ±25% less expensive than Conventional brick and mortar):

1. Fast and easy building process

The CSIP (Composite structural insulated panels) with GFRC System is extremely easy and quick to construct compared to conventional building processes. The lightweight EPS panels demand little effort to “glue” into place with a specialadhesive. Recesses for plumbing and electrical conduit are easily cut at super-fast pace into the EPS panels with specially developed, inexpensive tools. After the plumbing and electrical conduithas been installed the GFRC coating is then applied to the EPS panels, either by hand with atrowel or sprayed on, then smoothed with a steel trowel. The curing of the construction takesapproximately 3-8 days which then can receive various finishing coatings. C-SIP with GFRC structures require less skilled labor, materials and equipment at the jobsite. This fact reduces costs related to labor, materials (theft of material), waste of materials and tools.

2. Low maintenance cost

An EPS/GFRC wall requires little or no maintenance or repair. Unlike structures built with conventional materials such as wood, brick, concrete and mortar, C-SIP with GFRC structures do not deteriorate over time, which saves you money on repairs related to rotting, termites, mildew andwater. Over time you will not need to replace any structural portion of a C-SIP with GFRC building. Any damage to a C-SIP with GFRC building are always localized, all you have to repair is the damaged area by cutting and replacing the damaged EPS panel and re-coat it with the GFRC.

3. Energy efficient

Even after construction the proud owner of a CSIP with GFRC home will enjoy the benefits from ongoing savings due to the enhanced insulation quality that boosts greater energy efficiency and nominal maintenance. A CSIP with GFRC structure lowers the heating and cooling costs for 3 key reasons.The R-value or insulation value of CSIP with GFRC is much higher than other building materials (typically 30.8in the exterior walls and 42.2 in the roof). These values can be increased by using thicker cores. CSIP with GFRC building method creates a thermal envelope helping the inside maintain a constant temperature. There are no joints in a CSIP with GFRC structure, preventing air permeation.

4. Great resell value

Any house built from superior materials that requires nominal maintenance and are low onenergy (R-value, using less air conditioning) are valued (appraise) for more and sell for more.

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